Nerida Hansen Fabrics is a small,  independent fabric business supporting textile designers, illustrators and artists from all over the world. 

Nerida runs her own design agency, working part-time licensing and selling designs to retail companies globally. Through her agency, Nerida is exposed to extraordinary talent, and finds herself constantly excited by new works that she can envision on fabric.

In 2017, she turned her vision into a reality, releasing her first collections on digitally printed fabrics. Since then, her sales have grown and she continues to explore the design world for new and exciting artworks for her fabrics. 

The collections are released in limited quantities, with popular designs available ongoing and in new fashion colours. 

High quality base-cloths  are sourced from Mills accredited by the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organisation committed to making global cotton production better for the people who produce it, as well as ensure that cotton develops as a sustainable commodity.

Our standard collections are a mix of versatile fabrics for fashion and home decor, including linen cotton, cotton sateen, mid-weight quilting cottons, poplin and lawn.

The growth of Nerida Hansen Fabrics is also due to our service providing wholesale and custom printing options through our agents in South Korea. From small quantity digital print runs, to large volume screen printed licensing collections, our mills and print-houses can provide our own designs, or custom designs to businesses of any size.

For further information, contact Nerida or phone +61 (0) 417389355.