New Pricing for All Orders to the USA
As Cheap as $10 USD for most parcels!


If you are a maker of ANY type of product using Nerida Hansen Fabrics, then you deserve to be part of my new Makers Directory, launching soon.

Participation in the directory is totally free, and the benefits include:

  • Your business highlighted on the Nerida Hansen Fabrics Website Directory Front Page
  • Click Through to Your very own business page with a full banner, up to 8 images and your business bio and all your website, store and social connections
  • Everyday Makers Discounts - Woohoo!
  • Possibility of featuring on the Nerida Hansen News and Social Media Channels
  • Invites to collaborative sale event with Nerida Hansen Fabrics
  • Discounts to Nerida Hansen Workshops and Business Events

This is your chance to show your business to a broader audience, with the possibility of increasing sales. One thing is for sure, you will belong to a group of like-minded, passionate makers and creative business entrepreneurs.


All businesses in the Nerida Hansen Business Directory must be a frequent user of Nerida Hansen Fabrics for their products. You do NOT need to use our products exclusively, just frequently.

The size of your business does not matter.

Also open to businesses who use our custom printing service- we welcome you with open arms!

You must have a web presence which can include your own website, Etsy or other online selling platform. You must have products to sell, which usually would include some of our fabric.

How to be involved:

Send a word document to Nerida with your business bio and be sure to include your website, etsy store (if applicable) and all social media links.

Send us some graphics in JPEG format, 72 dpi:

  1. 1 x Main Image 1040 x 1040 pixels 
  2. 1 x Banner Image 2400 x 1040 pixels
  3. 4 or 8 x Product Images 1040 x 1040 pixels

By sending this information you are automatically giving Nerida authorisation to utilise these images on her own social media platforms or public news announcements. We cannot guarantee that we can credit photography in every instance, so don't submit images that need crediting by us every time.

Naming your files:

For all files submitted including word document and jpegs, use a descriptive file name that I can easily reference and that is unique to you and dated. For example, if a business called "Lucy's Hats" submits designs, the file names should be:

Word Doc Bio : LucyHat_Bio_March2019

Main Image: LucyHat_MainImage_March2019

Banner: LucyHat_Banner_March2019

Product Images: LucyHat_Product1_March2019 / LucyHat_Product2_March2019

Using this format I can easily identify your files, and know when to replace product images by recognising the most recent.

Sending Files

If files do not exceed 2MB collectively, then email them through. Anything over send together via WeTransfer or Dropbox. If you don't see your profile come up after a couple of weeks then get back in touch with us. You should also receive a discount code within a few days.

Updating Images:

We advise that you update images, at least a couple as your stock changes. Just email Nerida the new images

Image Quality:

We trust that our makers will present images that are not necessarily professional, but of a high standard. We advise that all images are taken with neutral backgrounds with good lighting. Particular focus should be on the Main image, which will be used on the main directory cover page. We will ask for a replacement for anything we feel does not align with the style of the page.

Makers Discount

Once you have submitted all your information and images we will present you with your own makers discount which can be used every day on our online store. Please note however, discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer that we may sporadically run.

Any questions please email nerida at

We can't wait to welcome you to this exciting platform!